Friday, September 7, 2007

Time Travelling Hot Dogs

From the 'I couldn't make this stuff up' department:

'Making a hot dog disappear using microwaves

I was Performing an experiment at work last week. The premise: To make a chili dog disappear in a microwave. What would happen if you left the hot dog inside the microwave ongoing forever? would the dog disappear or would it just burn out? I am a believer in traveling thru time and space and my goal was to make the hot dog enter a dimension parallel to a phone line next to the microwave. The study had some problems, as how would the hot dog enter the phone line and re-appear outside the physical world.

I cooked the hot dog for 36 minutes. I observed a shift in the time relating to the object as it rotated. I could almost see the hot dog move and explode inside the microwave. So, I opened the door and the Hot Dog was still there. But once again I started the timer at 36 minutes. And so on.

Eventually, my observation was due. I can safely assure you all that the experiment was a success the hot dog had almost disappeared, all I could see were left over stains and parts of the bread, assuming here that the bread evaporated or entered the parallel universes contained in the telephone next door. Prior to the experiment I had the receiver of the telephone off the base so there was a busy tone and sound could enter via the voice receptors. '

authorship of the work:"jedimiller; a member of"
Making a hot dog dissapear using microwaves