Sunday, August 26, 2007

No, Hitler Has The Stargate

I knew it was too good to be true, Saddam does NOT have the Stargate, Hitler does. This web post proves it. Here is a snippet for your edification:

Hitlers Alien Get Away

Hey every one, ive just been reading about hitler having a secret base in Anarctica, able to hold few thousand troops, mainly SS, and that he was moved there as the allied forces were getting closer and closer to takign Berlin.

Ive read that they belived there was a portal down there capible of takign them to Aldebaran, which is a star in the constilation Taurus. So to round it up, after the war started to go sour, Hitler went to Anarctica lived in the Base which is ment to be Lake Vostok, then as soon as it all ended he went away to this portal and was never seen again.

There is ment to be alot about UFO's and aliens down there which helped him alot, i havnt got any infomation on that part so far, but ill keep looking.

I love how the terms 'information' and 'some stuff a kook posted on the web' are totally interchangeable these days.